Aug 082011

So, you can’t install gettext?
Here’s a hack to get you past it.
do your
$ emerge –oneshot gettext

When it’s all unpacked, Ctrl+z (this will pause the job), go to the work directory, something like this:

From there, go in here:
cd gettext-tools/gnulib-lib
and in here..

edit “stpncpy.c” with your favorite text editor, find
“# define __stpncpy stpncpy”
And add // at the beginning of the line, like so:
“//# define __stpncpy stpncpy”

Save and quit, then type “fg 1” and return, this will resume the job.

This hack bypasses the stpncpy problem. Someone more serious than me needs to create a new ebuild for this though…

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